What’s moving the needle in BPM?

When we consider business process management (BPM) in today’s terms, we invariably gravitate towards automation. Though automation can play a significant role in driving BPM, it is still only one of many other tools that ensures its successful execution and cannot be substituted for the approach in its entirety.

However, having said that the automation of processes and tasks is clearly a direction in which most businesses have been moving in for some time now. Though, it must be noted that automation itself has its own distinct variations and differentiations – both in terms of implementation as well as usability.

One of these, which is gaining a lot of traction, is robotics process automation (RPA). RPA works best where there is a high-level of repeat processes. Thus, where a human has to carry out a repetitive task over a long duration, automating this process through RPA could save a great deal of time and effort as well as minimize errors.

However, as mentioned earlier, automation and RPA are only tools in creating better business processes and efficiencies. In fact, to be truly effective, businesses not only need to adopt other technologies to achieve their goals but also decide what’s best suited for their own requirements.

Through the digitalization of processes internally and the possibilities of using IoT externally, businesses can become more adaptable and agile to ever-changing scenarios. This can also be utilized in conjunction with today’s SMAC technologies to create greater collaboration, quicker decision-making abilities, generate insights through analytics and increase speed, lower costs, and provide scalability.

However, given all of this, it is still clear that any solution, whether RPA, IoT, SMAC, or a whole host of others, needs to be used in balance with both current systems and processes as well as with each other. Though a particular technology may be one which is most frequently discussed today, it needn’t be the sole option. In fact, businesses need to realize that it is less the case of a one-size- fits-all approach and instead more like a horses-for- courses scenario.

Further, for BPM to truly work, these solutions need to be coupled with strong and visionary leadership. Thus, already, businesses are quickly recognizing the need to focus on delivering long-term value across their ecosystems, and in this regard, are gearing up their processes accordingly to ensure they can accomplish this. And to do this they need to strike the right balance of how, where, and why to use the technology and whether it is human or automated.


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