Recent EMR Software Upgrade in Georgia Hospital a Growing Trend Across the Country

One of the fastest growing trends in the healthcare industry is the move to electronic medical record, or EMR software. In fact, as of 2011 55% of all physicians have adopted an electronic health record (EHR) system of some kind. In the wake of ever-rising prices people in the industry are constantly trying to find better and more efficient ways of providing care and services. Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital in Albany, Georgia is one of the latest facilities to make upgrades to their electronic medical record software features, according to the Albany-area ABC affiliate

The Phoebe Putney Health System announced earlier this month that they have implemented new EMR software from MEDITECH, a Massachusetts-based medical software company, in their hospital. The organization is in the process of improving the overall efficiency and application of their EMR software through their ProjectONE plan.

ProjectONE is basically an effort to streamline regional healthcare systems to provide better and more convenient care to patients. Their ultimate goals are expressed in a statement on the company’s website,

“ProjectONE aims to improve patient safety, enhance quality of care, and maximize efficiency through standardization. It will create a single experience for our patients and staff across Phoebe Putney Health System.”

It’s a great move considering electronic medical records improve overall efficiency by about 6% every year. In layman’s terms, EMR software are platforms that store digital copies of a patient’s healthcare records. Instead of having a physical copy that needs to be carried around or faxed from one doctor to the next, they allow for an easier, convenient, and more efficient way for medical professionals to track, view, and store data on individual patients.

Bill Sewell is the Chief Medical Information Officer at Phoebe Putney and believes the moves being made will help them achieve such lofty goals.

“What it does is it gets every campus on board on the same electronic system,” said Sewell. “This computer system carries the patient from the front door until the time we discharge them home. And it allows for a better integration of all their records so that that certainly provides for better care.”

Approximately half of physicians without an EHR system currently plan to buy one within the next year. The ultimate goal is that medical facilities, hospitals, and doctors offices from coast-to-coast will be connected in such a way that patients and the healthcare professionals they wish to see will have instant access to their treatment and diagnosis records, no matter where they received the care in the first place.


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