A Blog Stuffed With ICD-10 Thanksgiving Themed Codes

In order to properly celebrate Thanksgiving, the only holiday that promises great food, loads of leftovers, wonderful company and a lengthy nap in the middle of the day, we’ve put together a list of Thanksgiving Themed ICD-10 codes. What do we think of when we hear ‘Thanksgiving’? How about family and friends, pumpkin pie, food induced napping, football, crazed shoppers, and, of course, turkey? Continue reading for our list of ICD-10 Thanksgiving Codes.

If You’re Hunting Your Own Turkey this Thanksgiving

Pecked By Turkey (W61.43XA): There is no need to explain. All of you hunters out there, stay safe. We heard that turkeys have some foul tempers. (See what we did there?)

So Maybe You’re Stuck in the Kitchen Cooking

Contact with Powered Kitchen Appliance (W29.0): We’ve all been there. You’re running around the kitchen like a mad (wo)man trying to get the Thanksgiving Dinner finished on time, and you burn your arm on the oven rack or make contact with the electric mixer.

For Those Who Expect to Eat Their Weight in Turkey

Burn of mouth Pharynx (T28.0XXA): Make sure to take your time while eating to avoid any potential consumption-related injuries.

Slowness and Poor Responsiveness (R45.4): Have you ever heard of tryptophan? The turkey’s almost bathed in it. Watch your turkey consumption or you may end up napping through leftovers!

If You’ve Had a Recent Falling Out With Your Family

Problems in Relationship with the In-Laws (Z63.1): Whether you’re in a small tiff or you’ve just gone World War III on your In-Laws, remember that it’s the Holidays. Kumbaya, my friends.

Sibling Rivalry (Z62.891): Whether you’re the youngest, the oldest, or one of the middle children, we all know how a great family gathering can turn into a war zone.

To the Thanksgiving Day Quarter Back

Activity, American tackle football (Y93.61): A friendly game in the backyard to kick off the holiday? Sounds great – until you remember you’ve had Z63.1 and your Brother In-Law gives you the hardest tackle of your life.

Attention All Black Friday Shoppers:

Shopping Mall as the Place of Occurrence (Y92.59): Black Friday shopping can get a bit, how do we say, rough. Keep your hands to yourself and make sure to keep your eyes on the walkways, aisles, and entrances.

Strike Against Another Person (Y04.2): If you’ve ever watched the news after Black Friday this code will make sense.

Paper Entering Through Skin (W45.1): Watch out for those paper bags and coupons, they might catch your skin while you’re running through your favorite department store for those Black Friday Savings.

Crushed, pushed or stepped on by crowd or human stampede (W52.XXXA): If the three codes above weren’t enough to scare you away, just read over this code’s description one more time. These things do happen, friends.


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