What Defines a Modern EHR Software?

EHR software was originally designed to recreate paper charts for medical practices and healthcare organizations in a digital form. And, just like these paper charts, the early EHR softwares were only meant to capture information. Sharing the information with patients or across a continuum of care wasn’t even a distant thought on anyone’s mind.

But, just as our care has developed, so have our EHR systems. EHR software has developed from just a documentation tool into a new resource that is capable of helping coordinate care, manage population health, and demonstrate value and outcomes.

Five Major Capabilities Define a Modern EHR

The five major capabilities that define a modern EHR software include customizable dashboards and analytics tools, remote access capability, scheduling and billing integration, and an internal messaging capability. 

Analytics Tools:

Having your practice’s or healthcare organization’s analytics at your fingertips can be a powerful tool when it comes to enhancing your level of patient care. But, not all EHR software allows for the customer to view a dashboard with their personal analytics.Benchmark Clinical EHR offers a fully customizable dashboard of analytics that is unique to your organization’s needs.

Remote Access:

The worst situations always begin with not being able to access your data because you’re not sitting at a certain computer in a certain office. EHR software and systems should be able to allow for remote access, so even when a healthcare professional is out of the office, they can still access that data if need be.

As a Web-based system, Benchmark Clinical EHR can retrieve your patient information anywhere, any time and get one-click access to all of your charts in one place. Benchmark Clinical EHR also works with PC’s, tablet PC’s and hand held devices to help you document patient encounters at the point of care.

Scheduling & Billing Integration:

There’s no use in utilizing an EHR Software that doesn’t work hand-in-hand with your scheduling and billing systems. Avoid inadvertent under-coding and scheduling over-lapping as the Benchmark Clinical EHR system automatically recommends the correct E&M codes, then sends ICD-10 and CPT codes directly to your billing system. Used with Benchmark Practice Management, our Clinical Billing Module averages a 98 percent first-pass claims acceptance.

Internal Messaging:

While this point may not be 100% necessary with the emergence of new office messaging systems, it is still helpful to have an internal messaging capability built into your EHR software or EHR system. Use theBenchmark Clinical EHR internal messaging system to keep everyone in the office on the same page and send patient information alerts.

Customizable Dashboard:

In addition to all of the capabilities above, a Modern EHR Software or System should be able to provide the customer with a sophisticated and highly customizable dashboard. By allowing for a dashboard that can be tailored for the user, the users role, the type of medical practice itself, or by other segmentation, the end user will be able to access information that is vital for them, rather than having a “one-size-fits-all” dashboard approach no matter who purchases the EHR software.

Benchmark Clinical’s Analytics Dashboard


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