A Few Creepy ICD-10 Codes Just in Time for Halloween

In order to break the tension from the transition to ICD-10, Benchmark Systems thought we would compile a list of creepy sounding ICD-10 codes that remind us of Halloween and our favorite Halloween movies. Read on if you dare, but some of these could lead to a F51.5 (nightmare disorder).

Halloween Night

Here are a few codes that may come in handy on Halloween night. From DIY costumes to lack of street lighting, we’ve mapped out any issues that may arise on all hallows-eve.

Dressing up in costume

Y93.D (Activities involving arts and handcrafts): If you’ve tried to craft your own Halloween costume, you know it is not an easy feat. Use this code for hot-glue-gun burns and cuts from scissors.

Eating unwrapped candy

T78.01 (Anaphylactic reaction due to peanuts):With a pillowcase full of candy, who knows what your kids will eat? Some kids may be lucky enough to stay away from the unwrapped candy, but for a child with a peanut allergy, a trip to the ER could close out the night.

Taking Halloween too seriously

Y04.1 (Assault by human bite): If a vampire or zombie takes their costume a bit too seriously, this code is necessary.

Lack of street lighting

W22.02XD (Walking into a lamp post): If your streets aren’t well lit and you don’t carry a flashlight, you may end up needing this code after a trip to your doctor.

The Movies

If you’re a big scary movie buff, then you will probably recognize the Halloween flicks below. But, we’re crossing our fingers that you’ll never need a Doctor to use these codes for your visit to the office!


X32.XXXA (Exposure to sunlight)

S11.83 (Puncture wounds to the neck)

Final Destination

W31.81 (Contact with rollercoaster)

Halloween (The Series)

X99.2 (Assault by sword or dagger)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

W29.3XXA (Contact with chainsaw)


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