Critical Changes to Stage 2 Meaningful Use for the 2015 year

On Oct 6th of this year (2015), CMS proposed its file rule change for the EHR Incentive Program which impacts both Stage 2 and Stage 3 of Meaningful Use. While the rule does have a 60 day comment period and thus has opportunities for further change, we wanted to let you know the most immediate changes that affect 2015. While we are planning on hosting webinars on Stage 2 for 2015, the lateness of the rule change has put pressure on all involved parties to respond as quickly as we can.

Critical Changes for Stage 2

Below is a short summary of the most critical changes that impact the 2015 reporting year.

  • All providers now have to report on a single set of 10 objectives which replaces the original 17 Core and 3 Menu set measures division.
  • For 2015, the EHR Reporting Period for all providers will be any 90 day period during the calendar year.
  • Patient Electronic Access, Measure 2: for 2015, this measure has been changed from a 5% minimum to a single patient that views, downloads, or transmits to a 3rd party their Clinical Summary Information via the Patient Portal.
  • Secure Electronic Messaging: the 5% minimum threshold has been changed to a YES/NO question on whether the EP has the capability for patients to send and receive secure messages that was enabled during the reporting period.
  • Public Health Reporting: rather than separate measures for Immunization, Public Health, and Specialty Registry reporting, these have now been consolidated into a single objective.

Modified Stage 2 Objectives

The 10 objectives for Modified Stage 2 are now:

  • Protect Patient Health Information – perform a Security Risk Analysis in in compliance with Hipaa requirements
  • Clinical Decision Support – Implement 5 clinical decision support rules related to quality measures or high priority health conditions. Also have enabled drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions checks for the reporting period.
  • Computerized Provider Order Entry – 60% of medication orders, 30% of Lab orders, and 30% of Radiology orders are recorded in the EHR using CPOE.
  • Electronic Prescribing – Transmit at least 50% of permissible prescriptions electronically.
  • Health Information Exchange – EPs that transition or refer their patients to another provider or care setting must use the EHR to create a Summary of Care record, and electronically transmit that information on at least 10% of such transitions.
  • Patient Specific Education – provide patient specific (related to the patient’s condition) educational material to at least 10% of patients seen for office visits during the reporting period
  • Medication Reconciliation – EP performs medication reconciliation on at least 50% of patients who transition into their care.
  • Patient Electronic Access – 1) More than 50% of patients a provided timely access to view their health information online. 2) For 2015, at least one patient seen by the EP must view/download/transmit their health information online during the reporting period.
  • Secure Messaging – for 2015, Patients must have the capability to send and receive secure electronic messages with the EP during the reporting period.
  • Public Health Reporting – must meet 2 measures (subject to exclusions):Immunization Registry Reporting
  • Syndromic Surveillance Reporting
  • Specialized Registry Reporting

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