How Can AntWorks Clinical EHR Work Harder for You?

First, lab interfaces allow you to quickly compare the results from many different sets of lab tests over any time period you desire through our AntWorks Clinical Lab Result Matrix. This is just one of the benefits to receiving your patients’ lab results electronically. Never again would you have to search through years and years of lab results to compare the results from the same tests. Now you can simply click one time and see the patients’ history all on one screen. Not only is this good practice for caring for your patients, it speeds up the research time, allowing you more quality time with your patients, face to face.

Are you still scanning paper lab results into your EHR? If so, you have to take the time to find the correct patient’s chart to attach the result. With an electronic interface for your lab or radiology results, this is all done in the background with no input from the user. This interface has a notification system that will create a message to review the results for approval or to take action. Thus, speeding up the time it takes for lab results to be received on paper allows you to truly care for your patients in an effective and efficient manner.

When ordering lab or radiology work for your patients, do you still have to fill out a paper requisition and have an assistant enter the order into the EHR? Hopefully your patient does not lose the paper requisition between your office and the vendor. AntWorks Clinical can send these order directly to the vendor with one simple click. We call it eSend. And if your patient feels better getting a printed copy, that is only one click away as well!

Now are you thinking that this is going to cost your practice a huge sum of money? We understand that the cost of doing business as a healthcare provider is ever-increasing. We can work with your vendor of choice to have them cover the cost of this interface.

Contact Antworks and ask for Chas to find out how we can serve you and your patients in this way.


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