“These are a few of my favorite things…”

My top 3 parts of Antwork’s PM software. Mark Sangston/Sr Implementation Consultant


Having worked in the HIT industry for over twenty years, I’ve had a chance to experience the in’s and out’s or Practice Management software from a variety of angles. From training on it, using it daily, to supporting it, and changing it as a response to needs, I feel like I’ve seen it all. So what gets me excited about Antwork’s software? I thought you’d never ask. Here are my top three items that I think makes our software packages truly excellent.

Integrated Claims tracking.  We at Antworks are in the unique position of playing both sides of the fence; we are not only a software development company but also an EDI clearinghouse.   What that means for our PM product is that we have the ability to assign every insurance claim a unique tracking ID at the time of creation, and be able to follow it completely through the electronic billing chain.  We always give you the “last known status” of a given claim, as it starts in our clearinghouse, progresses through other clearinghouses, to acknowledgement reports, submission reports, payer response reports, rejected claims reports, processing reports and eventually to the EOB itself.   And not only for primary claims, but secondary claims too.  It’s all tied together seamlessly, to make doing billing follow up incredibly efficient and effective.  Just ask our RCM staff!

Reporting Flexibility.  I think “flexibility” is the appropriate word because I’m talking about both the way you can run your reports, and the type of reports you can have.  Our reporting engine allows you to easily select your criteria and display your output on screen, and what you do with it from there is up to you.  If you want to print it paper (shudder), you can, but we also have built in export options so any report in the system can be saved as a PDF, Excel spreadsheet, HTML file, Text file, CSV file, and more.  That makes getting data out of your system a snap, especially if you need to import it to another package.  Beyond that, while the PM software comes with a suite of comprehensive reports, it also includes our Report Designer Tool which allows for report customization and creation post install!  Need to change a report 3 months after going live?  You can do that.  Have a new reporting need based on overly intrusive government legislation?  You have our sympathies, and we can help you do that.  Doctor likes colorful charts and graphs?  Have at it.  This is the same tool we used to create all of our reports, letters, billing forms, etc., and we can teach you how to use it to give yourself unlimited reporting flexibility.

OCR scanning.  What is OCR?  It stands for Optical Character Recognition (save that 3 times fast; this is why we love acronyms).  What it means is rather than typing in a patients insurance information, you can scan their insurance card, capture the front and back as a picture, AND pull the subscriber name and policy information off the card and plop it right in the system.  Or scan a driver’s license to capture a picture of the patient, and pull in their name and address information right into their patient record.  I like it when the computer does my work for me.

And that’s just my current top 3.  If you ask me six months from now, I will probably give you an entirely different answer, because it’s a living product.  Our development group is constantly working to improve it, enhance it and implement customer suggestions and requests.  Some of the best parts of our software were direct results of feedback from our practices and RCM staff and we look to continue that effort as we move forward.  Maybe you would be interested in being a part of that shared future?


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