Go beyond basic automation with cognitive RPA

Automation has taken the world by storm, thanks to its efficiency and optimization of outputs as well as human efforts. The introduction of artificial intelligence and big data led to the discovery of robotic process automation (RPA), which uses a set of technologies to automate business processes that usually require human involvement.

RPA can be integrated with the existing systems / legacy systems and operated by employees with minimum programming knowledge, without disrupting the core technology platform. Software bots with RPA can process predefined rule-based and knowledge-based tasks, but not those that require human judgment and reasoning.

However, autonomous automation (cognitive RPA) integrates machine reading and cognitive ability with RPA, making it possible to automate processes that require human perception. It has the potential to go beyond basic automation to deliver business outcomes such as greater customer satisfaction, lower churn, and increased revenues, which include an end-to- end journey of data ingestion to data insight.

Building intelligent bots using autonomous automation

At AntWorks, we offer a suite of artificial intelligence products and solutions for cognitive machine reading, robotic process automation (RPA), and data optimization. Our self-learning RPA solutions, powered by artificial intelligence and fractal science, reduce the need for human intervention, significantly lowering errors and redundancies in decision making.

Compared to other players in the RPA space, we offer end-to- end integrated solutions using cognitive machine reading and autonomous automation. This reduces the cost of integrating business rules engines (BREs) with deployment frameworks.

We have built intelligent bots which can read any type of data file using machine reading, understand the information, process it using cognitive ability, and keep learning on their own using machine learning.

ANTstein is our state-of- the-art, content-based, object retrieval framework. It is a lightweight softbot that can read, think, learn, and infer information, and handle exceptional business processes that require reasoning on its own.

Its cognitive machine reading engine allows for cognitive data extraction integrating image recognition, pattern recognition, and machine learning to create the most effective data extraction engine in the market today. And its machine learning abilities can independently adapt and make new assessments whenever new data is presented, analyze problems if any, and resolve them.

With a built-in knowledge base, powered by fractal science, ANTstein can optimize and automate processes with superior accuracy and achieve operational savings of more than 40 percent.

HfS gives AntWorks a thumbs up

As a testimony to our capabilities in this space, Horses for Sources (HfS), the leading analyst authority and global community for business operations and IT services, recognized us as ‘The Most Innovative RPA Provider.’ We have been recognized for our statistical approach to automation and capability in integrating RPA with machine learning to comprehend heavily-structured content such as handwritten notes, forms, and images.

Although, a relatively new entrant in this space, we have enabled the third-largest private bank in India to overcome challenges in data capture and processing. For more information on RPA and cognitive machine reading, write to us at hello@ant.works


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