AntWorks Healthcare was just recently endowed the honor of being named a Leader on the 2017 FrontRunners quadrant for mental health software for EMR (Electronic Medical Record)!

This is good, right? Very much so! Let’s take a look at what this award means for our company.
First, every product must pass strict entry requirements. They are all scanned for a minimum rating score and minimum reviews. They must offer a core set of functions to their clients such as charting, order entry, and decision support. From there, these 150 products compete to become the top scorers and only the best come out with their name on the quadrant.

FrontRunners evaluates software products for top-performing qualities. In this case, 150 products were put in a pot and assessed for capability and value in the Mental Health EMR software field. Every product that comes out on top offers a balance of capability and value such as how much the product can do and whether they’re worth the price/cost. This balance is held high by top contenders and makes them stand out in the market for small business software success. The scores are based mostly on reviews of the product made by real users of the software. The rest of the score is determined by product performance details such as the different features they offer and how many customers they have.
To become a Leader on FrontRunners quadrant, a product must be all-around strong offering a wide range of features and highly valued by customers. Being named a Leader in Mental Health EMR Software is an achievement for multifaceted products to shine We are honored to be a named a leader in this specialty, as this is a very dominant chronic condition in the US, and we believe in focus on helping the best we can.
AntWorks Healthcare is proud to be termed a Leader. Our staff works hard every day to bring a valuable and strong product to our customers. Our hardwork is evident with being given such an award. We esteem ourselves with the label of Leader and continue onward to keep it.
Our EHR (Electronic Health Record) system is fully integrated to fit your needs. It is fully certified and backed with a live support staff. It works across multiple platforms and is accessible 24/7. Here at AntWorks Healthcare, our customers’ success is at the forefront of our minds. We bring our best to the industry and work with the future in sight. #Fresh #Fearless #Fast


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