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Business Process as a Service

Enabling us to further develop your business processes using our cloud-based infrastructure.


We are here to help you migrate to a new platform that can better meet your needs. Our consumption-based approach bears no fixed costs for your organisation.

While there has only been talk across the industry, we’re taking the Fearless approach and turning this model into reality.

End to End Processing for Data Management and Coding

End to End Processing for Data Management and Coding

Monitoring, presence, and involvement are some of the key factors necessary to ensure smooth business continuity. When it comes to end-to-end processing, we make sure that you are part of the entire procedure so you know how things are done. We are transparent when it comes to our processes and we are determined to deliver the services that you need.

HR Payroll and Benefits Services

Management of human resource has always been tricky especially when it comes to answering the demands of the employees. We help you manage your staff members through our HR services solution that accounts for payroll, monitor benefits, and develop HR strategies. Through this service, we are highlighting the importance of improving HR management because this would reflect on the employees.

HR Payroll and Benefits Services
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Finance and Accounting Services

With customers at the heart of our strategies, we take a step further to ensure all your needs are met and achieved in the most convenient way possible. Our revenue services solution covers payment collection, retrieval of customer history, correspondence, and escalation solution. Part of the revenue management is making sure that you receive greater savings, innovative processes, and enhanced brand visibility.

BPaaS and the Cloud

Access files anywhere,
everywhere in the world.

BPaaS and the Cloud

More and more people are investing in cloud technology for better business management. Through our cloud-enabled platforms, you’ll experience quick upload speeds and gain a secured data storage which you can safely access remotely. Cloud-based business processes have made it easier to give the necessary information without going through all the paperwork and file cabinets. Empowering you with convenient and organized business solutions.


Our procurement solutions assist enterprises by integrating them with suppliers depending on their business needs. While working at Zero Distance, we meticulously develop a procurement strategy and evaluate potential suppliers that best suit your company.

Though the price tag might seem ideal, you must take into account the total cost of ownership. For instance, purchasing a low-cost product isn’t reasonable if carriage costs or maintenance are through the roof. We go the extra-mile of handling negotiations and calculating the purchase to pay process (P2P), which helps you find not only the best supplier but the best deal.


Customer Service

We deliver the best customer service the industry has to offer because we put you at the heart of our strategies. By keeping Zero Distance, we strongly believe that we can provide top-notch services and solutions that are aligned with our three pillars: Fresh, Fearless, and Fast™.

Our BPaaS give customers the opportunity to:

Customer Service
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Get a closer look at the plan and be part of the entire working process.

Develop better strategies in handling human resources and come up with robust resolutions to employee demands.

Manage revenue cycles and ensure that there are greater savings, innovative processes, and enhanced brand visibility.

Have easier access to needed documents and information through the use of cloud technology.

Better serve their own customers with our brand of making customers an integral part of strategies.


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