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Blending consultancy with software and anchored by a team of expert consultants.


Business Process Management (BPM) has come a long way. Since the late 1990s, organisations globally expanded backend functions like IT infrastructures, applications development, human resources, and finance and accounting to other low-cost geography locations. These transactions represented a pick and move type of business. But despite its outsourcing initiatives, companies remained stagnant.

We merge functional, evolving and outsourcing expertise with our unique consultation services, paving the way for new waves of BPM transaction strategies. With our consultancy services, you can collaboratively evolve your business using innovative solutions and integrated functions, ensuring world-class end-to-end processes.

Organisation Design & Process

How can your company reach unbelievable heights when internal processes bottleneck at some point? We are here to help you implement efficient workflow and reduce redundant processes. With assistance in roadmap development, you’ll be able to maintain a healthy ecosystem. You’ll be equipped to develop and implement strategies that are aligned with your financial and operational objectives.

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Human Resources and Talent Acquisition

Without the right set of people, your business can’t deliver the services needed which will hinder you from achieving your business goals. We can help you in identifying, hiring, training, and motivating staff members every step of the way.


Risk & Resilience Management

Risk and Resilience Management assesses enterprise and operational risks to better understand the business. This is our own version of what other companies call a Business Continuity Plan. We help you accommodate and prepare for the magnitude of unforeseen threats and acts of God. Through this service, we give you the assurance that there are operational measures in place in case of emergencies.

Business Evolution

We want you to reach your amazing and fullest potential. We assist in identifying key actions required to take businesses to the next level. But an idea without a plan is just an idea. We help you manage and implement long-term evolution programs that will ensure better business functionalities.

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AntWorks US


1112 Church St. Lynchburg, VA 24504

Toll Free Phone: 800-779-0902

Local Phone: 434-528-1038

Fax: 800-507-8011


AntWorks UK

Level 18 40 Bank St. Canary Wharf, London E14 5NR

Govind Sandhu



AntWorks Qatar

Al Kinana Street Doha, Qatar

Jann Camahalan

+974-5551-4880 / +974-5013-6772


AntWorks Singapore

Level 39 10 Marina Boulevard Marina Bay

Financial Tower 2 Singapore 018983

Dexter Villota



AntWorks Philippines

Shaw Boulevard, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

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